Sunday, 18 October 2015

Penwith Moot Samhain Ritual 2015

7.00pm Saturday 31st October 2015
Bosavern Community Farm

This is the first of our Rituals written and led by Gemma Gary, the well known Esoteric Author and Celebrant, who writes -

‘The Hallows, Samhain and locally ‘Allantide’, marks the beginning of winter, when the ‘the Serpent’; the telluric fire and life force of the land withdraws into the earth, and we follow this fire on an inward journey of withdrawal. Upon this night, the way between the worlds is opened, and the spirits of the dead may freely cross into our world, and we may freely journey into theirs…

And so, this is a night of communion with our beloved ancestors, and of kindling and guarding the fire of the land as well as our own inner fires through the coming winter months. As the death of the old year, and the birth of the new, it is also a time of celebration and an affirmation of life.’

Our new venue is at Bosavern Community Farm, near St Just. They have built a wonderful circular straw and mud house, with a spiral entrance, a wavy wooden ceiling with turf on top, and varied artistic & recycled windows. It feels very organic and loved, and we are honoured to be the first to use it for an event, and our ritual will include a Blessing for it. There is a view of the sea and Chapel Carn Brea, we will be able to have a bonfire just outside the mud house, and there is a compost toilet in the other corner of the field.

Directions – coming west from Penzance on the A3071, turn left just before St Just onto the B3306 (towards the airfield and Sennen) after one bend the road goes downhill and the Farm is the first entrance you come to on the left, and will be marked by streamers on poles. The entrance is cobbled; go between the buildings and park in the yard, or go through the yard to park in the field – the mud house is 1 minutes walk across the field, so it is very easy access.

Please wear black, or dark clothes if you cannot manage black, and as the ritual will be mainly outdoors around the bonfire, you will need warm clothes and stout footwear – but it is not muddy, so you will not need wellie boots. Please bring – 1) firewood, 2) a small torch for your own use because the field is flat but slightly lumpy, 3) £2 towards costs as usual, 4) food and drink to share. 5) There is no seating, so bring a rug to sit on, or a fold up chair. 6) Musical instruments, especially drums. 7) A large, red apple.

Unlike other rituals, as this is the most serious one of the year, we ask that parents do not bring any small children who might be disruptive, or get frightened in the dark.  Finally, if the weather is a little windy or rainy, we will hold the ritual inside the mud house, so it will go ahead unless it is an absolute storm. If in doubt, phone Dave between mid-afternoon and 6.00pm.
Everybody Welcome,
Tel 01736 787230


  1. Hi, this sounds interesting but is too far for me to travel now. Can i ask when the other 3 will be, as I may be able to attend if I plan the date well in advance. May is the most likely I can make (and may come with friends).

  2. Hi, i am in the USA but plan on attending one of these as soon as circumstances permit. Thanks sincerely to all who will make this a very special event! Wonderful news!!!